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IDLH MAYDAY Tactical Worksheet®

IDLH MAYDAY Tactical Worksheet®

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You love Incident Command but you're tired of feeling that the incident is managing you instead of you managing the incident...

Our original IDLH Tactical Worksheet has been updated/upgraded and now includes a MAYDAY tab with workflow and checklists.  Based on industry best practices and research from NIOSH, The Mayday study, and NIST/UL the IDLH Tactical Worksheet provides another tool for Incident Commanders.

With the IDLH Tactical Worksheet®, you can finally feel that you are managing the incident.  IDLH Tactical Worksheet® allows Incident Commanders to deploy resources into multiple hazard zones, easily tracking personnel, and provides the Incident Commander with checklists to ensure all objectives are completed. 

IDLH Tactical Worksheet® reduces the stress placed on Incident Command. The Incident Commander is responsible for strategic-level accountability in the IDLH environment.  Incident Commanders that write things down are able to keep accurate accountability of resources in the IDLH environment.  Aside from keeping accurate accountability the IDLH Tactical Worksheet® also provides the incident commander a checklist for various types of incidents. IDLH Tactical Worksheets® is the easiest and most useful fire department command board available.

  • 11X17"
  • Dry Erase
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

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