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IDLH MCI Tactical Worksheet JR™

IDLH MCI Tactical Worksheet JR™

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The IDLH MCI Tactical Worksheet JR™ is a must-have for managing Mass Casualty Incidents including Active Shooter.  The IDLH MCI Tactical Worksheet JR™ uses checklists to help the supervisor.  Checklists included in the MCI Tactical Worksheet JR inlcude; Casualty Collection Point, Rescue Task Force, Rescue Group Supervisor, Staging, and Incident Overview. Also included is a Tactical Worksheet JR™ for accountability.

The IDLH Tactical Worksheet Jr™ is 6"X6", made of sturdy weatherproof material, and has a dry erase laminate.  The printing is printed directly onto the material and is not laminate.  Printing this way ensures that the IDLH MCI Tactical Worksheet JR™. will provide consistent, durable, reliable accountability time after time.

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