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IDLH Technology

PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr™

PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr™

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The PIO Tactical Worksheet™ provides the fire department PIO with an easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank worksheet.  The information on the worksheet combines the terminology of Incident Command with the much-needed information the media is looking for.  Simply fill in the information and use it as a reference while talking to the media.

The IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet™ is made of rugged material, at 6"x6" it will easily fit into a bunker pocket, ready to use at a moment's notice. The worksheet has a dry erase laminate to keep accountability of your resources.  Also included is a wet erase marker and a holder for the dry erase marker.  IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr ™ comes with the following:

  • IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr ™
  • Pop-up socket (designed to attach to the back of the board for ease of holding)
  • Wet-Erase marker
  • Wet-Erase marker holder


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