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PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr™

PIO Tactical Worksheet Jr™

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IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet™ Incident Command Board – a game-changer for Fire Department Public Information Officers (PIOs). This 6"x6" command board, made of rugged material, is the ultimate tool for seamlessly providing media with incident-specific information. The easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank worksheet combines Incident Command terminology with media essentials, ensuring PIOs deliver accurate and timely details. Equipped with a dry-erase laminate, the PIO Tactical Worksheet™ Incident Command Board guarantees resource accountability. It fits perfectly into bunker pockets and is portable and ready at a moment's notice. This compact, weatherproof, and user-friendly tactical worksheet enhances your PIO capabilities. Order now for effective incident communication and streamlined media interactions in any situation!


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