Tactical Level Accountability

IDLH Tactical Worksheet JRs

IDLH Tactical Worksheet JRs.™ is designed for accountability at the tactical level. Division/Group supervisors are able to keep track of their objectives and resources that are assigned to them with ease using the Tactical Worksheet Jr.™  The Tactical Boss (Division/Group supervisors) are responsible for accountability in their division/group.  The IDLH Tactical Worksheet Jr.™ takes the stress out of tracking resources.

Easy to Use and Store

At 6"X6" all JRs fit easily into a bunker pocket.  The rugged material makes sure that it is ready when you need it to be.  

The JRs are 6"X6", made of sturdy weatherproof material, and has a dry erase laminate.  The printing is printed directly onto the material and is not a laminate. Printing this way ensures that the JRs will provide consistent, durable, reliable accountability time after time.

The All IDLH Tactical Worksheet Jrs™ come with:

  • Wet erase marker
  • Holder for marker
  • Pop up socket that attaches to the back to provide an easy way of holding even with gloves 

The JR Collection Products:

IDLH Technology has several different types of products in the JR collection that are designed for the Tactical Level Supervisor.  The products include:

  • IDLH Tactical Worksheet JR™
  • IDLH BIG PRINT Tactical Worksheet JR™
  • IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet JR™

IDLH Tactical Worksheet JR™

IDLH BIG PRINT Tactical Worksheet™

The IDLH BIG PRINT Tactical Worksheet Jr™   is 6x6" so it fits into a bunker pocket.  The BIG PRINT is for the Tactical Level supervisor, the working boss that values accountability over drawings.  The BIG PRINT removed the open space at the bottom to allow space for larger accountability boxes.

IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet JR™

The PIO Tactical Worksheet JR™ provides the fire department PIO with an easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank worksheet.  The information on the worksheet combines the terminology of Incident Command with the much-needed information the media is looking for.  Simply fill in the information and use it as a reference while talking to the media.

The IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet JR™ is made of rugged material, at 6"x6" it will easily fit into a bunker pocket, ready to use at a moment's notice. The worksheet has a dry erase laminate to keep accountability of your resources. Also included is a wet erase marker and a holder for the dry erase marker.  The most successful Fire Department PIOs around the country are using the IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet JR™

IDLH PIO Tactical Worksheet JR.  (Public Information Officer)